Players besides Zeke and Dak that will define the season

This four players can make the difference between making the playoffs or not.

1.- Joe Looney
2.- Connor Williams
3.- Allen Hurns
4.- Xavier Woods

Does the lenght of the list is short, long or exact?

there’s a few players whose health can make the difference as well, chief among them being Tyron Smith

Indeed, anyone at the OL.

One name I would add with an asterisk would be Maher. There is a question mark beside his name but we are going to need him. I would hope he is great rather than hoping he fails so I can say “see, I told you, you should not have cut Bailey”.

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Indeed, he will have games in his leg. Even more than Buttler!!

Seems Antonio Brown is not comfortable with his team? Why not trying to get him? He’s a playmaker!