Offensive Line Shuffling

Reports are that Cowboys are close to re-signing Joe Looney, in addition to adding Cameron Fleming and Marcus Martin. Makes you wonder if they’re still going to consider drafting someone high, or if they’re going to let these veterans just duke it out and find a starter between the three of them.

Draft, draft, draft…depth, depth, depth. Get me Jerral’s phone number or better yet, McClays number. Look at Aaron Stinnie and Austin Kuhnert in the later rounds. They can thank me later.

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beginning to wonder if we should be seriously considering trading next year’s 2nd, and our 5th this year for an extra 2nd this year…then use one of our 2nds on OL, and have the other for one of the other gaps.

sure looking like they want to be in position to let Dez go, so seems like they’ll need a 2nd, or 1st to add to the WR group

need a LB, need to pick up a safety somewhere to add to the group, DT1…all would hopefully be players pushing for playing time this year

or even getting another in the top of the 3rd…next year’s 3rd and a 6th this year?