Offensive Guard at 19?

Offensive guard is most certainly a need, and I know I’m in the minority here, but I wouldn’t be happy if that’s the pick at 19. Let’s bring some FA or wait until later in the Draft to address this need. If four first rounders isn’t enough (let’s say La’el is a first-rounder) I don’t know what is. What do you guys think?

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Got to agree. Not at 19 but I’m not sure if Jerral agrees. If Nelson were there by some miracle then you gotta say yes. Other than him I don’t see it. There was a lot of linkage with Hernandez but that seems to have quietened down.

It’s possible that a G will be the best player on the Cowboys board when their pick rolls around. Nelson, Hernandez, and Wynn would all be viable choices.

Nelson is definitely an exception, I agree. If he’s there don’t even think about it!

That’s fair. One could argue there is a lot of OL depth and could find someone at 50. But you’re right. If they want to take the best player available, it’s more probable than not to see an OG taken.

Jerral and Garrett are not fooling me…we will either go after a S, TE or maybe RB at 19. They try to piss fans off on purpose.

Guard in the first round is always bad draft stratagy… when u can get a good guard in the third every single draft… it’s a fact… Martin was drafted first round… same draft Gabe jackson tra Turner 3rd and 4th rounder… now go Google top guards in the nfl… the last couple years… u will find they grade as good or better… ya I think martin is better but not alot and certainly could have went another direction first round and still got a stud guard after the first round.

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I’m now thinking that the Cowboys will go OT before G with all the talk about La’el going back to G. I hope they get guys where they have the best chance of being successful. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in for trying certain players at different positions but much of the trying should imo come at practicer then in real game situations.

Winstar… OT makes more sense then a Gaurd first round… if and only if the guy can play left tackle… he could be tyrons back up and starter on the right side… two birds one stone my friend.
1: R1P19
2: R2P18
3: R3P17
4: R4P16
5: R4P37
6: R5P34
7: R6P18
8: R6P19

I could live with a OT at 19 but I’d still prefer a quality LB that has the value for a pick that high. I saw your review of LB’s. Good job. I would take Roquan or Edmunds at 19 or move on to another position of need.

Also, I want Daurice Fountain, WR and may have to spend a fourth to get him. The other two i want can probably be had undrafted. Steven Dunbar Jr. WR and Aaron Stinnie, OT/G.

Howdy my Cowboys Family. Hope I did this right. Not very handy with computers. Sorry I been away so long. Miss all of you and even you I have not met yet.
First things first, don’t bullchip a bullchipper! My wife goes into facebook and read some comments about me you all said. You made her cry. She is actually starting to change the way she feels about me. You all said some nice things and she thinks maybe I’m not the big butt hole she thought I was.
Any way, I am back not 100 % yet but I will be soon.
Hope all of you and yours are doing well.
The off season stinks.
I don’t follow college but I think we need D still, a G in the 2nd round. I want a pass rushing DT or a game changing S in the 1st.
Talk soon, GO COWBOYS!

Agree Walt, I’m sending McClay emails everyday to make Jerral takes either a LB or DT1 with the 19. Of course my emails are returned as unread and stop sending them.

Bryan is the dt I want if we r talking first round… payne may be good as well… both have three tech traits.

Hi walt!

Welcome, Walt.

Happy Palm Sunday my Cowboys Family. Picking 19 stinks but I do believe we should get a top player out of it.
Don’t follow college so don’t know talent but I am thinking if an Alabama kid is their who plays D, they should be a good pick.
I want a starter who will be here for at least 10 years.
Anybody trading back or up?
Back I could see, up would have to be a STAR. Anybody worth that?

Bryson n Brien, Morning and Thank You.


I’m not a huge fan of investing high again for OL, but Hernandez killed it at the Combine and Wynn is a stud. They wouldn’t be my first choices, but I wouldn’t hate the picks, either.

I agree, I’d pass on an OG at 19. I could stand taking one at 50 if a great one dropped, but I don’t think an OL has to consist of purely 1st round talents to be dominant. Should be able to spread that talent to other parts of the team as well, so they can compliment each other instead of forcing the OL to carry the weight of the team.

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I’d run from an G at 19 only because I believe we need a starting D impact player more at this time.

Perk I see you said pass so I went with run talking about a G. LOL

Hey I’m old and it’s funny to me.

Pull my finger?