NFL playing base defense

There were a lot of people bent out of shape when I didn’t want a LB in the first round last year, but read through this tweet thread to understand why.

I am glad we took a LB this year, I think the timing works out better with Lee only having 2 years left on his contract. Next year we could split with him if we need the cap space to get 7 mill, but I don’t think that will happen. But we still get these 3 LBs cheap until then, neither LVE nor Jaylon’s contracts are up until Lee’s expires. Then we know whether we resign them or are still looking for Lee’s replacement.

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I have been saying this for several years. The 4-3 is a 1st down and short yardage defense. There is no reason to have more than 2 LBs who have big paychecks because the other guy isn’t going to be on the field enough to make it worth the investment. Once you have the top two guys the other positions at LB should be handled by later rounds in the draft and FA

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