New player signed

We are on a roll. Another signing.

Marcus Mosher

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The #Cowboys were trying to save a $1M by giving the second round tender to David Irving, only to sign Deonte Thompson to a $2.5M deal.

Some folks confuse me. So many wanted a speed burner and now that one is signed I’m seeing a lot of complaining.

Complaining about what, though? It isn’t a sexy signing. None of them have been sexy so far. And this guy may be a burner, but he isn’t WR1 or even WR2. I think a lot of people really just don’t see WR as a position of need, and yet here we have a new WR.

Patience, as they say, is a virtue.

David Helman

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Kinda hard to imagine Brice coming back with Thompson in the fold, but there’s no way this signing should change anyone’s mind about WR @ 19.