Myles jack or Jaylon Smith... who is the better player?

Myles Jack and Jaylon Smith we’re both projected to be top 10 draft picks both had injuries and both were selected at the top of the second round. Did the Cowboys make the right choice? I would love to hear your thoughts

  • Myles Jack
  • Jaylon Smith

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I think it’s a little too early to determine that just yet. Jaylon was really getting his legs under him (pun fully intended) towards the end of the year. I think we can make a better judgement after this coming year. If Jaylon gets back to his college self, it’s going to be him easily in my mind. We will just have to see.

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Thanks for the reply…

I had jack rated higher then smith for two reasons…

  1. His injury was far less serious and he was healthy to begin with. Smiths injury was such that there was a chance he wouldnt even walk correctly again much less play at a high level.
    I posted many times that best case scenerio… smith wouldnt play year one… year two would look really rusty… year three turn into an ok starter and year four be good again… then we would lose him to free agency lol…
    i dont like drafting like that… my second rounder needs to start soon and play at a high level for most of his contract.

  2. the second reason as i stated on the other article is that jack is a special player in that there are not lbs that can cover or have ball skill like him… There are lbs that have good coverage skills for lbs like a kueckly for example… but jack covers well even for a DB there is a difference there. Smith prior to injury… was a stud lb but he doesnt have a unique skill set like jack.

At the time I preferred Smith, due to Jack’s microfracture. It looks like he overcame it. I think this year will allow a better comparison

Bleeds! what up my man good to see you!

Bleeds looks like we where opposite on that… The micro fracture is a thing where he could potenially play a couple of years and be done or have a long career from my understanding of the injury… like leary…

Where as Smith… with his injury dealing with nerves had the slim potential of not ever regaining full control of his foot/leg… And to this point he still does not have full control. To my understanding he wears a special brace bc his foot wants to drop.

I guess alot of the debate depends on how you view the different injuries…

Yep. I have had nerve damage and recovered so I was optimistic about Smith. Prior to Jack I had only heard of one football player being able to overcome one.s o I was not as optimistic about his injury

Well that makes sense… good for u my man

PT your year one and year two predictions we’re spot on. Last Smith was forced into the field too much too soon. He was trying to anticipate plays to compensate for being a step slower with less explosion due to the injury. Often he was out of place, over anxious and over ran plays. This year his foot and nerve is supposedly healed significantly. Jack’s microfracture is a timebomb. He’s eventually has to have surgery then it’s 50-50. Look at Anthony Spencer and I think Kobe had it too. Never the same. I hope Smith has made it through the worst of the nerve damage and is on the upside whereas Jack still has to deal with his issue and a 1-2 year recovery.

I don’t think we’ll lose him to free agency, he’ll be replacing Lees contract space.

Well fact is jack is playing at a high level… he may or may not have issues with it. And if he does it could be ten years into his carrerr. Smith on the other hand has not even played close to his draft position. I love smith as a player… I just hated where he was drafted. I hope smith gets his Carreer on track soon for him and for the cowboys.

My take is simple, and like others here. Jack has been playing at a high level, Jaylon has not. Given another year or two, Jaylon may prove to be the better player, but he’s not so far.


Just leaving this here…

There is no argument, Jack has performed better/more in his first 2 years than Jaylon. Jaylon was injured, so it’s not unexpected. But right now? Jack wins the poll by default. Looking forward to Jaylon’s next 2 years.

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