MY most memorable Cowboys moments

I have been a fan for over 50 years and here are some of the moments that have remained with me. In chronological order:

Cowboys preseason game 1968? A huge fight breaks out and both benches empty, including the coaches. Only two people DIDN’T join in, Landry and Meredith. The camera panned back from the giant melee in the middle of the field to Don sitting on his helmet with his head in his hands laughing at all of it. The announcer says: I guess that’s why HE is the QB.

Dallas Defense dominating the Dolphins in 1972. After years of torture and being called “Next years champions,” etc., etc. They finally break through with the most dominant defensive performance in SB history. The 3 points still stands as least allowed. The 29 yard sack will stand forever. Don Shula said it was the best game of coaching he had ever seen.

The Hail Mary 1975. The team has made lots of spectacular plays over the years (Romo highlights could fill a whole tape) but this one was special because one of my childhood friends was a big Vikings fan and he refused to watch the games with me because he knew Dallas would win. He showed up at my house to rub it in and he got in front of my TV set just in time to see Roger to Drew TD!!!. He never even said a word, just turned around and left with tears rolling down his face.

More to come …

What about you?

Flo going after the whole giants team by himself

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Flozell the Hotel is one of my all time favorite nicknames

Flo was one of my favorite all time Cowboys he just didn’t have much help other than Kosier and Free at times although some didn’t think Kosier and Free were that much help.