Mollie Tibbetts

More than once have I been labeled a curmudgeon. After googling the definition I admit it, I enjoy playing the part of a grumpy, senile, old man. However, as the parent of two daughters I won’t even allow myself to go to where Mollie’s parents are. I cry for their baby girl. Prayers for the family and friends.


Guess who came out publicly for Trump today. He may have been for him all along but this was on twitter today for the world to see. None other than JIM BROWN.

the idea of anything happening to my child is absolutely terrifying, there’s nothing in this world that scares me more. If nothing else, I hope for peace for them, there’s entirely too much spotlight on them with entirely too many people trying to use them to further their agendas.

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Children today are in trouble. I had more in depth conversations with my daughter when she 2 and 3 years old, with verifiable understanding on her part, than most Millennial’s in their 20s have ever had with their parents. It’s insane.

And this whole deal with Tibbetts is troubling because nobody with loud voices seems to care what happened or why. In my mind, she could have been killed by any one of 300 millions Americans, but the rogue policies of her region allowed her to be in danger from someone who was already flaunting the law. He represents a small portion of the illegal immigrant population here, for sure, but it sickens me that she lost her life to someone who wasn’t supposed to be within reach in the first place.

Not to get political with it or anything haha