Misc Player Info (Other Teams)

I won’t be surprised if Bryant is not picked up by any team until after the draft…at least that’s what I have been reading. Even if he is working out with Beckham.

lmao…so much for that


I see Lions new HC is making the news when @ RPI (in Troy, NY) while a player. Why do I know RPI and Troy, NY? Let me think on it.

Dez will be a Pat signing for minimum 1 year deal. He will have a better than so, so season signing for two more. Still no ring!

Anybody remember Ralph Neely and a dirt bike story? Look it up and that should have put an end to NFL players on dirt bikes, ever! Or ask Lee Roy Jordan who had to tell Tom Landry.

R.I.P. Chuck Knox.

first and last 5 seconds are the best…but, in case anyone is having a bad day, this should cheer you up quite a bit.


Speaking of the Giants, anyone remember this gem?

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