Marinelli sees Vea as a 3 down player

This is good to hear.


Now if they can only find a way to get him…

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With the possibility of 5 QBs, 5 OL, 4 DBs, and a plethora of DL going in the early to mid-first, maybe, just maybe, he slides to us.

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I look at most of the mocks that come out by the so-called experts. (Not that I believe any of them) but so far I have only seen 1 that has Vea lasting to 19. I wonder what it would cost us to move up to around 9 thru 12.

this warms my heart…lol

1 tech style DTs always slide a bit more than the mocks have them, so there’s some real hope that he’ll be available. He is more than your standard 1 tech so it’s not like he’ll fall out of the first round or anything. I wouldn’t be upset at all if the used their 3rd to move up a bit to get him

@Winstar , to get up to 9-12 would take our 2nd round pick, and that’s not something I want to do, for any of the players we (us as fans) are targeting. Even as much as I’d love to see Vea here. Trading up to the 15 range should get us one of these impact players, as @Iamtdg said, there’ll be 4-5 QBs taken, at least 1 RB, at least 3 DEs, 2 LBs, 4 DBs, 1-2 OL in the top 15

Vea, Payne, Hurst, Ridley, Moore, maybe another guard could all potentially get taken up there too

really think 15 would guarantee us Vea, Edmunds, Smith, Fitz, or James…all of whom I’d be stoked about

prime would be pretty excited for Davenport in there too I think, but I’m not completely sold on him