Little kimmy and donny show

did anyone really think north korea’s little kimmy would let our little Donny dictate terms to him at a peace conference. did anyone really think little Donny’s funny tough guy faces would influence the most sociopathic ruler since hitler really work. ay dios mio. casi me cago.

Has the conference been called off? I never trusted Jong and won’t even if there is an agreement for peace. I would however expect Trump to try to reach an agreement.

I don’t believe it was called off. They just threatened to over some standard military exercises South Korea and the US performed.

It hasn’t been called yet, but little kimmy recently stated it would be if u.s. expected him to give up their nuke program. It’s just difficult for me to think any u.s. government leader would truly believe they could really take kimmy seriously.

I not sure Jong is being taken seriously. I think Trump hopes he is. If we are being serious here, wouldn’t it be in the USA’s best interest to see where it goes no matter who is sitting in the President’s chair. Right now it all boils down to one group against another. Not so much about issues but the group that out maneuvers the other to maintain or get back power.

The only bargaining chips north Korea has on the international stage is their nuke program. They’ll never give it up. Just a waste of time.

Ok, I’ll call Trump and tell him not to go.

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tell him I said hello.