Linux has Become a bit of a Hobby for Me

I’ve used Windows since the 90s (3.1). Of course, I used Mac before that, in school, and had one of those Mac all-in-one boxes I played on for a while too. I like Windows. It’s not always the most stable OS, but fixing my computers throughout the years taught me to deal with most problems.

Lately, I’ve been toying around with Linux. I’ve got this old laptop, it’s my wife’s actually but she barely uses it, and it’s got Windows Vista 64 Home on it, which sucked even before Microsoft started killing support for those systems. Partitioned the HDD and spun up a few live Linux distros, mostly Ubuntu based like Mint and Mate, and Solus. Made that laptop like brand new again.

Downloaded some new ISOs last night I want to try out. Still thinking of trying a KDE Plasma desktop, but I’m really liking Gnome 3, so I went with Fedora and Debian as my new distros to try. Nothing against Ubuntu, just felt a little buggy at times, though it never crashed or anything. Solus too. Also have the “ready out-of-the-box” Arch Linux-based Manjaro to try out soon, but not sure what to expect with that. Familiarizing myself with Linux CLI, and Manjaro is supposed to be easier compared to Arch, but still not ready for that yet.

Anyone else use Linux? If so, for what purpose/in what environment?