Lessons learned

Failing to prepare due to fear of injury simply leaves you afraid and ill-prepared.

Unpredictability is a better weapon than a boastful run-focused identity.

A one-dimensional offense is quickly rendered impotent against any good defense.

If your system is predicated upon having the best o-line, once you don’t, you’re done.

Athletes don’t generally perform better than they practice. Just ask Sean Lee.

QB-friendly and blatantly obvious aren’t synonymous.

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Yes to all. In brief, the name of the FO’s play is about not risking, because they won´t admit that their strategy has already expired: if you can´t pass, you can´t set the run and that´s why the “box is loaded”, or think it counterwise: if you can´t run (with an underperforming and injured OL), you can´t set the pass.

Add to that ecuation a QB afraid to throw deep balls or in traffic, with no chemestry with his WRs (beyond Beasley) and looking for help to an inexperienced QB coach and then you have in Dak your first man down, who happens to be your most important player at offense. All the crossroads come to Dak and he is gonna implode.