Jones’ family needs to put the Dallas Cowboys first

I’ve been saying this ever since Jerry opened his fat mouth last year! Especially when NO DC PLAYED KNELT!

Now some of you may say, I applaud Jerry’s stance…think about this

Jerry should worry more about winning football games on the field as opposed to an event that has NOTHING to do with blocking and tackling

If this goes bad and they finish 8 and 8, 9 and 7 or worse the media will jump all over his stupid ass for causing a distraction when one didn’t need to exist.

The Eagles have one of the highest number of players who so called “protested” Owner left them alone…how’d that turn out?

Lastly if you still believe in Jerry’s words and this team fails, that’s a loser mentality.

Oh at least they didn’t kneel…they won 2 but stood…GO COWBOYS!!

If your looking for a Jerral Wayne Jones fan, I’m not him. That said, wish this was not an issue on the NFL landscape. However, it is and I’m casting my vote in Jerrals corner. If I could stop all this BS and return to good ole football, Cowboys style…I would. This issue has and will further turn Americans off to the NFL.

Personally, if I were the owners I’d be looking for ways to help set up other platforms to help facilitate ways for the athletes to voice their political opinions.

I do believe that the players should be allowed to kneel, or not leave the locker rooms for the anthem. However, I strongly disagree with them choosing that as their time to make their stand. I think it’s very hypocritical to boycott the anthem, essentially as an afront to the US as a nation, right before a game they’re being paid millions of dollars to play. To kneel in protest of said nation, when that nation is the same one that allows you to have that opinion without being put do death for it. I’m all for them voicing their opinion on the f****ed up things that cops have been getting away with, but acting like this still isn’t one of the best places to live in the world doesn’t make sense to me.

I’d be fully in their corner if they said they wouldn’t give post game interviews until they saw change. Or even used interview to only talk about (hopefully intelligently) the social issues that they take issue with. ESPN would love nothing more than to give every one of them a full hour platform from here to the end of time to voice their concerns, or even to cover a rally they sponsor. They have no shortage of options, and I disagree with the one they’ve chosen.

Watched the video this weekend of the cop that tased a young black man, who was already handcuffed, standing up against his vehicle not struggling at all…that cop should be fired and put in jail. And I wish these athletes would find ways to call out these instances where there’s clear issue, but to do it right would likely take some money (that they could also probably get through some endorsement deal). Not only do I disagree with the principle of kneeling during the anthem as a “solution,” but I disagree with how little effort that really takes. True change takes effort, kneeling takes none, and I feel like they’re defending the actions as if they would actually enact change, when they won’t.

No players on the Cowboys are kneeling. My point is Jerry should keep his opinion to himself. Mark my words, this season goes bad, all the dingleberries will refer to this as the point of demarcation.

I was watching the NFL Network Sunday, that fool Arthur (the nose) Blank was on. The question was posed to him, even though he agreed they couldn’t wait to bring Jerry up.

I’ve defended Jerry for years. Right now I’m sick of his mouth (not just this issue) he continues to be a distraction and put targets on the players backs.

All this has nothing to do with winning football games. 1995 was 23 years ago.

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I want to stress this again…this has nothing to do with the game on the field. His old ass needs to concentrate on THAT.

Or it might be another 23 years

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Hopefully in the future I can refrain from commenting about this again but to me, the players that kneel are kneeling on dead soldiers blood. No need arguing with me I’m not gonna change my mind.

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I dunno catch… Many have been saying for years that jj should keep his nose out of the part of the team that is on the field…lol

But we know jj, if the press asks, he’ll answer. The big problem is the press wants to continue growing the divide in the country in every aspect. Divide sells, health and humanity be damned.


I just care about football

DC football to be specific. I’m tired of the close calls. I’m tired of being the butt of jokes. I want this team to win. You don’t understand what I have to deal with living in NJ and working in Philly. These lowlifes try to get personal because you follow THIS team.

By winning the SB they took every argument off the table.
Dez was right when he said the playcalling sucked
All those years devaluing the OL (which I think is funny people complain about today)
All those years chasing the next Charles Haley
The one constant remains…Jerry
The party bus, the hoe pics on his balls, the drunken tirades, the White House (90’s) the attack on Goodell (justified)
I want it all to stop. He seems to be content when his players cheat and abuse women, but how dare they kneel…even when they don’t.

He needs to shut up

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WOW somebody agrees just like i said

The owners DO NOT respect Jerry