JJ's looking like a genius

Last season I pleaded for a better OC and a QB coach for Dak. JJ delivered in spades on both fronts. Kellen Moore did a fantastic job running the offense in the season opener. NY’s defense struggled trying to decide how to lineup more than once. I hope Mr. Moore keeps it fresh all season and constantly adds new wrinkles and variations on the theme.

Dak started off a little suspect but after the first drive was rock solid. Mr. Kitna has clearly had a positive impact.

If there was any negative aspect to the game, it had to be the yards put up by the Giants. I know Barkley is a beast but Manning had decent passing numbers as well. I have faith in coaches Richard & Marinelli and believe they will have the defense tightened up in short order. I’m wondering how much Quinn and Hyder will contribute?

It was really great to see Travis Fredrick back in action. From all his comments since joining the team, he seems like a stellar human being as well as an outstanding football player. I couldn’t be happier for him.

How 'bout dem Cowboys?

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Dak’s slow start was frustrating, but it was good to see him really come alive after that. I worried about that, as I mentioned on the podcast recently (CowboysWeekly.us). Kellen Moore was a better QB than QBs Coach, but so far his OC chops are impressive. Looking forward to seeing how he progresses throughout the season.