Interesting tidbit on All Pro QBs and Romo gets a nod

marcus mosher just has a small thread going about the All Pro QBs going back to 2000, pretty crazy, but not suprising, to see p. manning dominating the list. But did enjoy the little quip about Romo.

One perspective on measuring the worth of a QB’s career

So Eli sucks…If you remember, not that long ago people argued this about Troy Aikman. Now before you jump all over me, Troy is HEAD AND SHOULDERS a better quarterback than Eli in spite of the size of HIS head.

The argument is/was Troy didn’t do much (false) team didn’t rely on him all the time (lies) wasn’t the focal point of the Offense (pssssht)

They said he got in because of 3 Super Bowl rings and that’s the argument that’ll keep Eli in the running.
Never mind Eli had one good year his whole career. Never mind he doesn’t win those SB’s without those defenses AND two of the greatest catches in recent SB history! Where Eli just tossed the ball up.
Eli will get in mostly because of being a NY Giant.

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People replying on the twitter feed about the Super Bowl rings. Oh they only had historic playoff runs on D. People are stupid sometimes

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