Insignificant Funds (for cap)

I guess we can expect a bunch of backloaded vets to sign a couple of bargain bin FA’s and rookies. I thought with Stephen running the cap we were through sweating out each draft and FA.

I saw an article that suggested the team could get to 35 million under the cap… That was to get Brees…

I don’t think it’s impossible to get to $35-mil, but definitely not without fundamentally altering this roster. Not sure they want to do that. A bird in the hand… Think Stephen has that tattooed somewhere. Ha! :smile:

Frederick’s getting restructured sometime in the next 48 hours. That will make about $5-7 million in space there. I’m surprised we haven’t heard that James Hanna’s cut already. Maybe this stuff about Jason Witten and FOX has them waiting it out.

No way they haven’t already talked to Witten about this. What’s he got left, 3 years (incl. 2018) on his latest deal? Said it when he signed it, he’d definitely play 2 years of that, and I still believe that. But that TNF offer is enticing…

There was time not long ago that if you even hinted Witten was on the down grade you would be run out of whatever Cowboy site you were on. These days I’m seeing more and more fans saying he is past his time. I’m gonna withhold comment. In my eyes he is still the best TE on the team and one of the best in the NFL. Now teams are labeling WR’s like Gronk and Graham as TE’s…not.

Very much, yes. The NFL Tight End has changed. Witten is still a great TE, but he has lost a lot of what he had a few years ago (< 2014). I think people make a mistake comparing him to other TEs in their “past his prime” argument. He’s not as fast or mobile as he once was, and for so long too. He’s on a good deal in Dallas.

What bugs me most about Witten is that the coaches are using him as an excuse to be petty with Rico Gathers. I’ve heard credible rumblings that the coaches don’t like him, personally, and that it’s affecting his playing time. Hell, he was clear to come off of IR a while back, and he didn’t. Just my 2 cents…

I’m gonna have to see more of Rico before I comment. I don’t want any more head cases but I don’t want to hold back talent either.

Witten had 1.6 YAC last year. While he has never been great at getting YAC, he went from about 5 in 2016 to the 1.6 in 2017. Something to be said there.