Impressions of Trainning Camp

So far: 1) Dak is not having his best trainning camp (hate if White makes the PS), 2) WR Lenoir looks great, 3) Shultz is great as line blocker TE (Swain is redundance), 4) All of our CB´s are doing great (even if Dak is not good) and 5) a guy Antwaun Woods is doing great at 1DT, (hope he makes the final roster). Do you agree? Something is missing or is a leftover?

This was written by one of our members at the DCC. This guy also writes all of our gameday primers. This gig is a well-deserved gig for him. If you all wouldn’t mind sharing this on your Twitter account that would be fantastic. There is an option right at the top of the article to share on Twitter. Thanks in advance.


Very impressive and glad to hear we are stacked at CB with fine players! Hope the best combos make the final roster!

I hate #1. IMO Dak’s performance is going to be the difference between mediocrity and success. Is he going to play tonight at all.

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Well I don´t expect much of Dak/White being tonight the first rehearsal. Maybe Dak plays a couple of drives of the 1st quarter, but Rush, playing with the rest of the deep chart, is more than able to score and I want him to keep showing up as the safety valve if a setback comes or remains. White needs more time to develop., maybe is a white elephant project LOL.

Dak won’t play more than a couple plays…IF he plays at all. Definitely not a couple drives.

If Dak does play, Tyron Smith had damn well better be on that field.

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Hope Lenoir makes an clear statement tonight! By the way, sunday night is my fantasy football draft and as a back to back champion hope to get the job done this season too! If you guys think we can have a league, I would be more than honoured to be considered and compete. Enjoy the game tonight!

I never ever play in leagues that have their drafts before the dress rehearsal game.

Well, that is not a problem, you can set the draft after preseason, specially for a new league, but this league has about 5 years so the intention is to draft rookies, players who were injured last season and only stock for yor second string team.

Well, rehearsal 1 show us that Antwaun Woods and Lenoir are walking the right path and that Jaylon is 1000% ready; moreover we got another LB with Joe Thomas. Also that Dorance Armstrong is ready for the rotation at DE. So far, so good.

Well, here is my roster to defend my back to back Championship in Fantasy Football:

Q1 Dak, QB2 Goff
RB1 Zeke, RB2 Bell, RB3 Ingram (suspended 4 games), RB4 Anderson (Car)
WR1 Hill (KC), WR2 Thielen, WR3 J Simith-Schuster, WR4 Anderson (NYJ), WR5 Goodwin (SF) WR6 Amendola
TE1 Rudolph (Min)
K Santos (NJY)
DEF Steelers

Bold are the drafted, the rest were keepers of last season.

Hope Travis Frederick overcomes Guillain Barre Syndrome, recovers his health and if possible gets back to football.

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Yeah agree…I must not understand as much about this sport as I thought. If I was Jerral or Garrett I would be turning the world over to find quality depth at S and OL, even if I had to buy it from another team.

I concur, seems that they react very slowly, so I prefer to believe that is because they have more information than us as fans, for my mental health. Anyway if they don´t have a proper C and S, the season can easily derail and they won´t have an excuse after what we saw wtih Tyron Smith.

I just traded WR3 J Smith-Schuster and RB4 Anderson (this last one to sweeten the deal) for RB M Mack (IND), because Ingram is suspended and I prefer having a strong running game (injures always hit RBs).