Hurst is back.....Dammit

I wish Hurst no harm…Just don’t think he is a priority and Jerral scares me.

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Ill take Taven Bryan all day long in the first round… None of the others would i touch in the first…

Vea- weight is a concern to me… and he is a NT in a 34 in my opinion…

Payne- i question is motivation

Hursts size concerns me… but i said the same with Donald… i had donald rated as a 15-20 guy in the first round and he has proved me wrong… so hurst may do the same…

If we are talking hurst in the second round then lets talk… but not a first round guy in my opinion especially with the heart stuff…

When looking at DTs for the first round, first thing I’m looking for is a DT that when watching tape, I’m excited about watching them. Donald was truly exciting, you knew at any point he was going to make a play

Vea is exciting, but in a different way. knowing full well he is a monster down there, that they cannot leave a blocker on him alone, or they’ll be tossed aside. the way he can handle even double teams, and this is with him still being raw, he’s working purely off of strength and size right now. Get him some good coaching, and I think you’re going to see one of the next great impact DTs of the league.

hurst…I don’t get the same excitement from, and it’s really not close. watching him, I saw the same thing you see from a number of DTs, flashes of great mobility, getting penetration through the line, but a little too often it fell apart from there for me. he didn’t have the athleticism and change of direction to finish the plays he could have. I think he’ll be a solid DT, and he’s got a decent floor, but I’m not excited about his ceiling.

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I actually (@primetime21 agrees, so that makes me right) like Taven Bryan better than Hurst…so this is good news

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Bryan is like jj watt… and I can just stop there lol