More proof bloggers are killing sports reporting

You know, he brings up Nolan Carroll even though dude up to the point he was caught drunk driver hadn’t even been in a freaking OTA, meeting or anything. Fishing around for garbage to support an argument is weak at best.

Now I have issues with Garrett too, but I’m 100% sure they don’t pick guys thinking “I hope he doesn’t” JG has other issues with his coaching style that should be more focused on. Randy Gregory is all these jackasses fall back. Anytime they want to justify they go into…well what about Randy Gregory?!

Fact is Gregory was GOING to be drafted! The Giants wanted him desperately and reports say they were willing to move to get him before the Cowboys.

he’s just one of the people that mistakes “right kind of guys” for “guys who don’t get in trouble.”

right kind of guy, does not mean they’re saints. It means they love and want to play football. The team has been making a priority of taking team captains in the draft for that very reason. A college team captain is a student of the game and loves to play.

That does come with some level of accountability off the field, like if you’re stealing underwear you’re putting “not wanting to stand in line” above being available for your team and wanting to play. But it is very far from saying guys can’t go out, have good times, and make mistakes.

and I’m sure this guy would kill to have sean payton back…but doesn’t see the parallel between Irving and payton’s RB.

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This article is garbage. You can’t babysit adults and if they didn’t grow up is not on the team. Witten said you need to be available, not necessary the fastest or the strongest, so for me the “right kind of guy” is being available for making plays and a pro that just don’t mess it up out of the field. Don’t be a rockstar with appetite of destruction, just a playmaker who stays out of trouble. Is that so hard to understand??? Smash in private!!! We only want football players so don’t show us you B side, that’s for your inner circle.

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Great stuff