Here’s Why Drafting Saquon Barkley Could Be A Mistake

Now I’ve read some really bad trash written by so called experts lately, came across this gem of a POS. Just about the worst! This guy tosses out meaningless cornball stats to back up an ignorant argument.

he brings up Barry Sanders, in 1997 the Lions has a 4000 yard QB, 2 1000 yard receivers and a 1000 yard back! Argument nullified!

Can we please stop with Barry sanders not having a team around him or an OL?!

Kevin Glover, pro bowl center, Lomas Brown pro bowl tackle, Jeff Hartings pro bowl…I can go on

running backs are as valuable as ever. the problem is justifying high draft picks on one given they have an nfl life expectancy of 3-5 years. but our zeke has given them a rebirth so it were.

The average career of an NFL player is 3 to 5 years so IMO it’s relative. People like to glom onto things whether right or wrong with a phalanx mentality just to feel involved.