Good news

Mr. Cooper looks great! Thank you JJ for that acquisition. He was worth the price.

Scott L. grew a pair last Sunday and finally played to win instead of survive.

Zeke realized with only avg qb play he has to be stellar for us to win. Then he delivered. Kudos to Xavier Su’a-Filo for his role in making that happen. Maybe he should have been there all along?

Coach Rashard is truth. LVE &Jaylon cover Lees’ absence nicely. Kudos to the scouts on both of them.

We have a fn great defense, the best rb and a great coach in Rashard. With Cooper our WRs are starting to gel and handle biz.

With so much at his disposal JG is on track for 7 to 9 wins as usual.

JJ please shore up the weak links. Your fn fans deserve a winner.

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Lol. Love the next to last paragraph.

I concur, just would add Dak being more accurate. Not good injuries piling up at the OL, which we all know the effect on Dak.