Good call on Cooper

I don’t understand the criticisms regarding giving up a 1st round pick for Amari Cooper. He has already done enough to show his potential. A rookie taken with that pick may or may not be able to say the same in 2019. I’m guessing J.J. led the charge to do the deal and I think he should be commended for it.

I suppose the real question is, will the addition help the team? I say it depends. In order for any WR to have a significantly positive impact in a competitive NFL game, a number of things must happen.

1 OC calls plays that leverage his offensive strengths and exploit opposing defensive weaknesses
2 O-Line holds up long enough for WRs to get open and advance deep enough to move the chains
3 WRs beat coverage
4 QB reads the situation, selects the correct option, then delivers the ball on time and on target
5 HC instills enough discipline to eliminate drive-killing penalties
6 HC makes proper decisions regarding when to play aggressively vs. conservatively
7 HC and OC don’t take their foot off the gas until the game is over. Period. No matter what.
8 HC manages clock and timeouts effectively (especially late in 2nd and 4th qtr)
9 Offense stays healthy and on the field
10 Refs make fair calls

Failure on any of these points can derail a game. Many of them have for the Cowboys for longer than some want to admit.

Amari Cooper controls just one of these essential facets. His presence bears fruit if those responsible for the other nine points do their job as well.

My guess is, Amari will do his.

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It’s been my experience that Cowboy fans love to gripe. That being said they have a LOT to gripe about, They would have complained about whoever this team picked at one anyway. Just like the complained about LVE

If they hadn’t made the deal, they would complain they made NO deals! Then complain about the current state of WR’s on the team.

What blows my mind is how nationally some say they gave up too much, when the Eagles tried desperately to make the deal. Somehow he goes to the Cowboys and he sucks? Not worth a 1?

Bottom line is, the OC and the HC determine the direction of this team. Damn the talent. Judging by JG showing up at the World Series speaks volumes to where his priorities are, Not with his 3 and 4 team.

Who are 3 and 4 mostly because of his lack of coaching ability and knowledge

There are a lot of variables here:

  1. Is Cooper the deep threat we need? His first two seasons looked good …
  2. How poorly this team plays from here. They may have just given away a top five pick for a guy who won’t help the team.
  3. If he can get open can Dak hit him?
  4. Can he stay healthy?

IF this is the same Amari from two years ago it is a good deal IF Dak can get the ball to him. If not, then we spent a pick that could have turned into a top QB and this team is another two years from competing for a championship.

I won’t stop calling for a new QB Coach, cause even with a legit new WR1, Dak is stalled. You can bring back Pearson and Irving and nothing will change, so lets move from that “experienced” QB Coach.