Free Agency

To quote Norm:

No…No…No No No…Never Never Never

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This would be a very good signing. Our run defense when he was here was top notch. Come on home, Terrell.


DT1 right? I forget… Ash or Price would be hitting the road or PS.

Yes, he would serve as a 1-tech DT. We allowed the fewest rushing yards in the NFL in 2016 when he was here. He would make for a good anchor for our line, to be sure. He was just misused in Washington.

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I’m still trying to determine what I think. I’m a Collins fan but I think I would rather see Collins in the DT3 rotation. I know without a doubt I’d rather Collins than Crawford. For the life of me I can’t see what there is about Crawford that makes the Cowboys think he is worth that kind of money.

Collins is much better suited for the 3T slot, IMO. Crawford can go away. Irving and McClain rotating at the 1T. My goodness.