Fantasy Football Discussion

What’s up everyone, I’m John part of the Contributing Staff at Inside The Star and Slant Sports and resident Fantasy Football Analyst (hate the word expert, because it’s hard to be an expert at anything that takes as much luck as Fantasy Football).

Anywho, If you have fantasy football questions for standard, dynasty, or keeper leagues, feel free to throw them up here for general discussion and I’ll give my two cents.

Been playing in a variety of formats since 2002 and have a lot of fun discussing the game.


Hi John,

Question. I just don’t get it, fantasy football. I understand it but don’t get it. I find it hard to play a game that in any way could hurt my Cowboys in any way. I could not take another RB and hope he rushes for 200 yards so I can win a fantasy game. While at the same time he is now ahead of Zeke in rushing yards for the year.
In it’s early days my friends all wanted me to play but not because it was something to do as friends but because they knew IF I did, I would only draft Dallas players even if it hurt me so I would lose.
It’s a buddy thing!
I mean I wish I thought of it because it is a $ maker but I will never play it.

Enjoy, Walt

Hey Walt, this is a great question. One that I’ve answered many times. For me, I separate the two. I always root for the Cowboys to win first and foremost. What happens in fantasy is secondary to me wanting the Cowboys to win. Sometimes it can work out both ways.

For example, there have been many years where LeSean McCoy was a prominent member of my roster. I would start him against the Cowboys, because typically it was a good matchup, but I wouldn’t necessarily pull for him to do well. If he did well and the Cowboys won great. If he didn’t do well and the Cowboys won, great.

My real team always took priority over my fake team.

Also, I realize that I don’t control what happens on the field, so while I may start players who face the Cowboys, what happens on the field is out of my control. Who I start is in my control.

So basically, I compartmentalize.