Extend Zack Martin NOW

With Andrew Norwell’s deal done, there’s really no reason to wait on Martin. The bar has been set. Get that extension done in the next 48 hours and immediately restructure Year One to free up $6-7 million in cap space.

I know these negotiations generally go into summer, but Cowboys would be really shooting themselves in the foot if they do that.

I see your point, but I also hate for them to do that off of just one 2018 contract. Then again, the more lesser guards get bigger deals, the more Martin’s value is proven, so waiting is a double-edged sword.

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Sad part is the Cowboys always seem to have that gun loaded. How much more can that foot take after being shot that often.

Zack Martin got a 6-year contract extension (sources say he is now the highest-paid guard with the largest guarantee at his position in NFL history). One less problem to attend!!

i agree had they waited they would have been bidding against other teams… now signing him early he runs the chance of injury… but guard typically isnt a high injury position… smart move getting the deal done before they real start of the season.