Elite Defense on the way!

:speaking_head:This thing of ours on Defense is very special​:grin:
With a Scorpion and Wolf Hunter at linebackers,
With #54 the scorpion :scorpion: And his toxic twin #55
the wolf hunter :wolf: And there sidekick #50 The General :shield: need I say more? Now the part of my defense I Love the most! Our pass rush :hugs: We all know what #90 Tank can and will do! But now with #58 the new beast on the block in Quinn who will be the difference maker on this line! Woods and company @ DT will hold it down like they’ve done! On to the part of my defense that everyone says is our Achilles heel our secondary? I’m not buying into that at all! My corners will be much better this year #31is an All pro @ CB and #24 Cheeto will evolve into what I knew he would be on draft day! And our slot corners
#30 and #27 should be better with another year under coach Richard’s system :ok_hand: and the only thing that’s keeping me up at night is @ safety? I believe my favorite cowboy in our secondary Mr big hit himself #25 woods will be a star soon enough! That’s just a matter of time! It’s #38 that’s on the hot seat? But every time #38 will be there when we need a play or two! I’m counting on coach Richard coaching him #38 on tackling in the open field? And one on one? To sum it up with my Talk about this Elite Defense of ours. I want it our there that this COWBOY FAN SAID IT HERE FIRST! DC4E… Does anyone concur?