Earl Thomas.. pretender or contender

With all the earl Thomas trade talks… is he worth a 2nd rounder… can anyone tell me if he is still a stud or is he a player on the down slide.
I know his ranking is still high but is that going off his name?

I think Earl has a lot left in the tank. IMO, much of Earl’s accolades resulted from the group he played with. Thing is I think he would be getting a good potential group in Dallas. Just young right now.

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I also think Thomas has plenty left and also plenty to offer our young D with his experience.I know Dallas has to stand firm and not pay to much for which I hope they do…I hope a good deal can be done and we get him.

It would be great if they could get him for a third, but if the only way Seattle would bite is for a second, I would pull the trigger.

At that point, your defense is pretty much set, especially on the back end. Get something out of Taco, Gregory, Tapper at the RDE spot and get ready to go to the playoffs and compete.

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