Draft Day Is Here, Let er Rip

Getting ready for the big day. Register now so you can let us know what you think about the Cowboys picks, pro or con.

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I can’t believe they used their first round pick on him, absolutely insane…dammit Jerry

…figure that can fit regardless of what happens, lol

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Another guard in the first!!! wth

Let us hear your thoughts…good, bad or ugly. Here ya go…I’ll start it off a day early…Damn you Jerral…I just knew you would screw us again.

I haven’t paid that much attention to the combine, etc. this offseason. Do you guys think there will be anything worth taking when our supplemental picks come up or should we try to package them and move up a little bit?

I think there will be players that can help with the comp picks but I could also see them using them to move up.

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Any of you have a favorite site to view the Cowboys War Room? If so, please share.

You can be SURE that at least SOME people will question the pick no matter who it is.

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I don’t have a problem with folks questioning picks whether it is the player or how soon they draft a player. I thought they drafted Travis and Zack too early. Now Travis is my favorite current Cowboy and Zack is right behind him. None of us know how a certain player will turn out at this point.

I am proud to say I was one of a very small minority that thought the Frederick pick was a good one. Even I didn’t see him being all pro so early on though

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I didnt mind the freddy pick hell there was nothing else to pick at that point… it was the very end of the first round they traded back … picked up extra picks…

DALLAS GOEGERD? TE, Witten is retiring.

Tonight is going to be very interesting. Cowboys could drop the Thomas trade on us or go TE, G, S (depending on Thomas), WR…however it goes, just don’t screw this up with some odd ball pick. Matter of fact, lock Jerral in a closet until the round is over. We need another LB before it is over.

Winstar: We have 7 picks in last 4 rounds, maybe we can deal some and get more 4th rounders?

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Walt, I’m kinda torn. I’m looking at some of the top 100 list and wondering how many we can get off that list in areas we need. But I get what you are saying.

Solid draft so far, getting some really good value with our picks. Probably see a rb, te, dt in the next 3 picks.

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Sad about Witten. Really wanted him to get a ring. I also expect a TE pick as a result.

Well, we’ve definitely set ourselves up for a really fun style of offense.

Now just have to see if the coaches can pull it off

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This is my concern. We have built the talent for a high scoring offense. But, even with the talent we now have, they still have to run the plays called.

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