Do The Cowboys Need A Big Time #1 WR?

Yes, I am serious and it is just a question. Think about it. The gig is up and not a secret to anyone with working brain cells. The #Cowboys are a running team and it appears they are good at going that direction (when the parts are in place and working properly). This is why I ask the question. When Antonio Brown plays we see how he dominates games and he is all we hear during games. Same can be said for Julio, Evans, Beckham (when healthy), Cooks, etc. #Bryant will have a couple of outstanding games a year and lately only draws single coverage. Bryant draws more attention on the sidelines with his rants than on the field. I’m starting to think all we need are a bunch of possession receivers to go with the run game. What do you think?

Sorry for hogging the board but when this thing goes public I predict it will blow up.

You can get away with that if you have a dynamic TE, like what we see with Patriots, but I can’t see that in 2018 with what the Cowboys have. I’d love to see an offense where Beasley and Switzer are out there terrorizing CBs, but you need at least one more element drawing attention.

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That’s why I think we need a true burner at WR, the kind of guy who knocks the top off of defenses.

And NP. Just dropped a link on Twitter, so good to have some posts going up. =)

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You don’t have to have one but I agree with bt. We need a guy that is so fast that teams worry about the deep ball.

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In a nutshell, speed kills. Hate to say it, but we need more at TE as well as WR.

Our passing game has many holes. From no separation from any receivers or TE’s, inaccurate throws and dropped balls. But to me most important, the game plan has become too simplistic. Dak was more effective spreading the ball around and not forcing it to Dez. Linehan has to be more creative. Move people around and create mismatches. STOP force feeding Dez up the left sideline on a Go route! Draft a Wr or Two in the draft who has some speed. Unless Linehan changes, we will be stuck with the same problems next offseason.

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I also think we need a WR with some serious speed…and knowing JJ this maybe exactly what we get at pick 19 we all know JJ loves to make big headlines…I also agree we need another TE…

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Yep, the Patriots have always made it work without a true WR1. Like you said, they generally have a dynamic TE, though. I don’t think we can make it work until we get more speed at TE.

C’mon Rico! I’m team #Rico

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I’m intrigued by him, for sure. I’m just not sure the coaches are for whatever reasons. Why else would he sit in IR all year for a concussion? There is a reason, and I just wonder if the coaches aren’t big fans of his. Attitude? Work ethic? I’m not sure, but he has shown enough flashes for me to want to see more.

That’s what I’ve heard from the inside, coaches don’t like him. Well, I don’t like that.

do we need a big time #1 WR? no

as long as you’ve got some speed, and receivers that can compliment each other well

but a big time WR makes that job a lot easier, because you can simplify reading the defense a bit for a QB, not just in the complexity, but also in the speed. if you have that kind of receiver out there, many times it can be as easy as the first read being the safety and whether or not they’re daring to single up on your receiver that can’t (reasonably) be singled up on.

as I’m typing this, I’m realizing that whether or not you need that big time receiver, very much depends on your OC and your QB. Can the OC handle drawing up the route combinations that frees guys up, and keep defenses from cheating (waiting to see that from ours). Then, can your QB keep those route combinations straight during their drop back, and can he take his presnap reads, combine them with what he’s seeing during his drop back and what he knows his receivers are doing, and progress quickly and correctly through his receivers to find the right throw (I believe Dak has the capacity for some of this, but he’s still awfully young and learning). We think of the receiver read order as a fixed order for each play, and sometimes it can be, but I imagine a great QB knows to shake up the order depending on what he sees both presnap and during the drop.

kind of a post as I’m thinking it through, and ultimately taking a long time to say, right now, I think we do still need that big time receiver (and yes, Dez is still that…he may no longer be top 5, but he’s still top 12), for another year, maybe 2. Then we at least know Dak’s capacity, and how much he’s learned. Romo didn’t need that guy in 2014, but I think he benefited from having that guy in t.o. early on.

and of course, if you can afford it, having that #1 type WR never hurts the offense

We had a wr with serious speed in Brice Butler. What did that do? Nothing. Now we added another wr with serious speed. What will that do? Nothing.

In defense, Butler had health issues that seriously prevented him from developing any consistency the first year, and other things were off with the passing game in year two for him in DAL. I’m hopeful the new addition can make an impact.