Dez - will he take pay cut or ask for release?’s-end Looks like the Cowboys are bringing in Bryant today. I am expecting them to ask him to take a pay cut. Do you think he will accept one? I WOULD NOT. It isn’t Dez fault that the team paid him what he gets. It isn’t his fault that they decided to roll with a QB who needs a WR to get 5 yards away from a defender to be “open.” It isn’t his fault that they decided to RUN RUN RUN. The team really doesn’t have any leverage here …

we been talking over here

It’s official. Dez has been released.

this bothers me…seems like a really bad move and I don’t understand it.

Glad we had you while we did, Dez. Good luck in the future.

Let’s Go Boys!

It’s just terrible timing. Why they didn’t wait until after the draft baffles me.

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Also surprised that he’s not a June 1. Makes me glad for next year’s cap, but still surprising

Well now the kid from Jags can keep his # 88 jersey. Life goes on. He will sign with Giants!

If they knew they were done it’s best to get him out now. To me this signals a “changing of the guard.” The team has jettisoned the past with the release of Romo and Bryant in the past year. They are shedding vets and remaking the team. Given the constant lack of success I can’t say that I am entirely opposed to the idea.

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as long as it’s not the eagles…

can one of you peeps with magical powers merge the 2 dez threads? I’m getting confussed…lol

man, this has me pretty distraught…I took the Romo retiring better than this

I think partly because I felt like we were sitting pretty well at the position even with him leaving

Dez going though…I think this offense just took a big hit

I don’t feel the same way. Dez is not much of a threat without someone that can throw the ball in tight places. He was NEVER good at getting separation and recent injuries have made him even less effective at it. I think any number of people could come in and replace the Dez we had from 2016 and 2017. And most of them would be more difficult to distract from the game

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Well I was/is a Dez fan but he sounds a bit angry and he is saying a lot without saying much. To bad he had to leave with some hard feelings. T.O. pointed his finger and now Dez is pointing his.

Word is as long as O line is fine and Zeke is better the O can perform with just about any WR’s. It goes as the run option goes.

Time will tell.

Will cap $ get us Earl Thomas (Conley)? LOL

Give me a guy like Anthony Miller in the 2nd and then DaeSean Hamilton in the 4th and our WR corps will be just fine.