Dez Bryant Updates

He should take it. Honestly I don´t think he gets anything better than this or less competence to play every game. Is he really thinking that the Packers will call him?

man…these WR contracts have gotten absurd

they’re nearly as high as QB, and yet I can’t think of a team that was led to a championship by a WR

I have been saying it for several years. It is insane to pay a WR a million dollars a game when THE MOST PROLIFIC WR IN THE LEAGUE averages only about 8-9 catches per game. The average RB touches the ball at least twice as much and, IMO, has a greater impact on most games than a wr does. I don’t blame them for taking the money, I blame the owners for offering it. As you said NO wr has ever led their team to the SB (with the possible exception of Rice). If it were up to me I would rather use the 16 million on the O or D lines …

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