David Irving opens up on daughter's influence, time away from Cowboys

After reading this a few thing went through my mind.

  1. My balls itch
  2. I think it’s funny how the coaches threw Irving under the bus about not being ready. Seems to be a pattern with them
  3. Roger Goodell will use the false accusations to screw him
  4. The Zeke “can of worms” has been officially open. Expect to see more women doing this
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Hope 3 and 4 won´t happen. My deep worries are that he is experiencing too many problems so young to hold up football and life (24 years old with a 5 year daughter, alone, his ex and a contract year soon). Good he is vocal on this and hope coaches and FO help him better than all we have seen. Will Goodell dare to hurt the team twice on Gregory and Irving?

The way Goodell was hellbent on screwing Zeke I can’t put anything past him anymore. Plus he gets a boner doing this to Dallas. Every year since he’s been commissioner he’s taken action against them.

Maybe Terrence Williams will distract him

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The best way to beat gooddelll is to lay low… do the right things… keep your nose clean… dont give him a reason…

You’re damn right. Irving is just living so fast and doing the wrong calls, that in any minute he will just dynamite his promising career and I think is time FO considers stepping aside. Sad but true!

Yeah he is a hound dog which you can’t fool around. As we say in Spanish “You see that the dog has rabies and you kick his door!!”.

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Wow condemning a guy with no proof. The NFL and Gooddell is a kangaroo court at best


Lee wasn’t terribly appreciative of Irving’s attitude either…you can down the coaches for being vocal about it, but when Lee talks like that, I listen.

It’s just like Gregory’s last “failed” test…he missed it because he was in treatment.

Look for this to be a big point of contention in the next CBA

It’s a loophole they use to screw teams and players

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I’m sure when Lee found out what was going on he understood.

I’m not sure Lee would make the comments without understanding first. I could definitely be wrong though.

Yes, Irving was fighting for custody of his daughter…but is that all that’s going on?

lets see…the woman’s crazy…he’s trying to get away from her…he tries to do the right thing…condemnation. I guarantee if he had done the opposite he would be getting killed for it

I’m just sayin’ I wouldn’t go to war for either side of the conversation given none of us no what all is going on…not just with him, his woman, and daughter, but there could be other things as well.

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yeah you have a point…as far as the coaching staff comments, it seems to me they always have something to say about players attitudes. Been reading a lot lately about comment coming from them. My point is it looks like they’re starting to point fingers to cover up ineptitude in they’re playcalling/coaching etc. IMO I can’t trust any of the holdovers until they win something.


Ron and perk8504, you both are right. Information is dripping slowly, surely due legal processes, and jumping at any conclusion is premature. However, I must insist that he is experiencing too many problems to hold up football and life (24 years old with a 5 year daughter, alone, his ex and a contract year soon). Everything, including the consecuences, is blasting on him at the same time.

You speak the truth

I have about reached my breaking point. The game has become more of a source of frustration than a way to relax. They have continuously bastardized the rules to turn it into a patty cake game - defense is something you put on the field so the offense has someone to score on - players are making political stands, the league screws the 'boys on a regular basis, they have instant replay and they STILL can’t get it right.
In addition to all these reasons to believe the 'boys are getting screwed we now have legalized sports gambling. I foresee MS-13 organizing coast to coast, placing many $100,000 bets and forcing someone to throw a game. Every time there is a bad call I will question whether it was a case of the league being out to get us or organized crime just trying to run a scam … AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH what else am I forgetting???

That players’ girlfriends and former wifes might become the true agents of the players, or at least the ones who set the market value of them or a good part of it. Well I might recognize my sarcasm, but beyond that, we can´t deny certain stakeholders are increasing their control on the game. That´s why entities like the NFLPA needs to create leverage. Those are my two cents…