Dallas Cowboys: Is defensive tackle a position of concern?


With our depleted LBer corps, it damn sure is a position of concern. For one, the more we can keep the OL off our LBers the less chance Lee gets hurt.


I don’t care what ESPN says. But I would love to see Vea with a star. Especially since people think they take a WR. I wouldn’t be shocked if Jerry trades out of 19

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what about the guy from Boise state…what’s his name Eshe?

The LBer Vander Esch? I’m not a big fan of taking him at 19. Maybe on a trade back.

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I read an article where they were comparing him to Bobby Carpenter. Similar stats. Can’t mention that name in reference to a potential pick IMO

I think he will be better than Bobbeh, but I’m not a huge fan.

Who do you like? I’ll google

At LBer or DT?


Linebackers (Note: this is not a great draft for LBers after Smith)

Roquan Smith (won’t make it to 19, but I would run the card to the stage if he did)
Darius Leonard (2nd)
Josey Jewell (2nd)
Malik Jefferson (3rd)
Nick Deluca (5th-6th)

Defensive Tackles

Vea (god willing)
Tim Settle (3rd)
Harrison Phillips (3rd)
Maurice Hurst (probably falls to the 3rd because of the heart thing, and I would snag him there)
BJ Hill (4th)
Deadrin Senat (pet cat of mine that I would love to get in the 4th)

I think they can get Vea unless someone pulls a fast one early.

I’ll look at these guys and tell you what I think.

Jewell would be a good pick

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If Hurst makes it to the 3rd, I’d be all over it…but I don’t think he sees day 2. As far as I can tell, he’s been cleared to play. There’s a decent enough chance he still doesn’t make it to 19 ( which would make me happy…not near as high on him as others)

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Jewell has been underrated. I would jump all over him at 50.


Could be. He has been cleared, but I just know that sometimes teams kneejerk to what could be lingering health issues. We will see.

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Smart folks on here today. Catch, lamtdg, perk and hell I’ll throw my name in there to. Folks that realize what Vea would provide to protect our weakness at LB. Ya’ll pretty much covered the LB’s but I would add Jack Cichy and Genard Avery

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It was the weed

I think they can continue to get away with the DT group that they have. Between Maliek Collins, Richard Ash, and Datone Jones, they can make the 1T spot work. Between David Irving, Collins, and Tyrone Crawford, they have enough 3Ts to be really good this season.