Dallas Cowboys 2018 Draft: The front office does it again!

Personally I’m shocked at how well they have done the past few years. I only saw one negative grade from some digleberry at Sports Illustrated who thinks the Cowboys messed up by drafting Vander Esch. I said it before, I didn’t expect them to take a WR @19. If Vea or Panye were still there they would have been the pick.

Kudos to them for staying with the plan. Kudos to Jerry for getting old

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This draft definitely did well for us, and they played the draft well.

While I’m uncertain about the LVE pick, it was the right move, getting the starting LB in the first, and letting the draft hand us a starting LG and starting caliber WR in the 2nd and 3rd.

all 3 players were top 40 picks on any board I looked at heading into the draft. 3 top 40 picks without moving, and picking from 50 and 81…simply incredible.

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In your opinion what’s changed? What’s the issue with LVE?

like many, I just don’t see the physical presence you like from a LB with LVE

I don’t think it’s a bad pick, he has some really good measureables, and I think he has good instincts.

There’s just a lot of range of what kind of player he’ll become…anything from barbie carpenter 2.0 to the next urlacher. I don’t think he’ll end up either, but rather somewhere in the middle. Just have to hope that it’s the closer end of “middle” to urlacher.

I was hoping for a “safe” pick with our first rounder, without giving up too much potential. Unfortunately the draft didn’t really give us any of those at 19 that we really needed.

That was the same stuff they said about Sean Lee too. I’m curious to see how this plays. TBH I never saw anything special from B Carpenter. he probably never should have been drafted by this team.

You can go down the list of guys who were supposed to be the next whatever. I agree, he’ll probably be in the middle.

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The Cowboys need to temper expectations. They can’t get in this kids head by constantly telling him how they expect him to be.

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agreed…Lee’s not a huge hit guy, but obviously still one of the best in the biz

and lucky for us, LVE gets to hang around him all day everday

I’m not overly concerned about the pick, it’s just the pick that I think will end up differentiating this year’s haul from being real good, to being great

also getting a QB to compete with Rush was a great move. From everything I’ve read, he’s got all the tools, just needs to work on his footwork and stopping eyeing his receiver from the snap

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I read on Cowboys Wire earlier in the comments section DC fans are freaking out and hate this draft.

lol, of course they are. can’t see the forest for the trees

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We have a crap ton of fans. Which means, we have an inordinate amount of idiotic fans. Just smile and nod.


exactly. I always say I can’t stand Cowboy fans as a whole, especially the ones I run into at a sports bar when watching a non-national game.

I really enjoy the ones that actually sit and talk football. Unfortunately, you lots are the much smaller faction.

I have always said that you can tell within 30 seconds of talking to them whether a “fan” is truly informed or if they wear the merchandise simply because their daddeh did.

A dead giveaway is when they say…I used to be a fan when _____ played. I ask a couple of questions to see where they are, and usually shut down after

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I bet a lot of the ones complaining about this draft are the same ones that said they were done being Cowboys fans because they cut dez, and are upset that we didn’t take a WR in the first.

Then complain when defense was on the board to be had after 2018 is underway and they can’t stop anybody

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One guy referred to Prescott as dink and dunk Dak. Now, I have issues with how the QB played last season too, but teams made it clear early they went after him. Not taking his side or anything, but WR’s didn’t help. I wonder what the % was for on target downfield shots that were dropped or misread by them.

This goes back to Perks Dez comment. They think cutting Dez is the end of the team.