DAL Defense's Forgotten Man?

I was creating some tag groups today, to make tagging easier for everyone (makes topic specific posts easier to find), and made a group for Cowboys Players. Up until I made that list, and for like 3 months or more, I had totally forgotten that Taco Charlton was on this team. Ain’t that crazy?

IMO he started to find some of his groove late in the season, but I’m still wondering what happens with this guy from here. Any ideas on how they’ll use him to build upon his first season?

The biggest problem I see is that we have a elite LDE in Tank and Taco is also a LDE, but you aren’t taking out Tank much, so you can either play him out of position or he’s gotta sit

I’m through with the DL until Jerral gets outta the way and let McClay run the eval show. Draft a DE, draft a DE, draft a DE either not ready to play or suspended. Move on. Get me a LB, DT1, LG or RT, WR…see ya got options other than a damn DE every draft.

Would be nice if they could actually draft a true RDE.

Let’s talk about the real FORGOTTEN man…What are they gonna do with Gregory. He has not had one mention that I remember.

Last I saw was right before his sentence was served in full, and nothing since. Goodell taking his sweet ass time about reinstating him. Possible he failed another test, but either way, they need to handle it. If he was issued 1 year, then bring him back already or make public whatever reason. Goodell sucks…

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You are gonna be a hit with our group Bryson. All but one want Goodell to be hung.

By his own shoelaces…

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