Dak's targets on 3rd down

I saw a tweet showing that Carson Wentz had the best 3rd down completion percentage, so since I was bored, decided to see who Dak targeted on 3rd down. Here is the chart. Dez was his number 1 target and had the lowest catch % of any WR. So, as I have said many times before, Dez held this offense back and I am glad he is gone. Glad Brice Butler is gone, too.


butler doesn’t hurt my feelings at all

I’m still waiting to see what offense the coaches design before I’m sold on dez being gone. I think there was still value there, but not if they design the offense to fit the guys they’ve accumulated at WR.

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You think I’m supposed to be impressed? I keep this stuff in my head pssssssshhhhttttt!!! LOL