Dak: We’ve Got To Do Better, It Starts With Me

No shit. I am tired of watching struggling QBs outperform our guy week in and week out.

I hope what Jerry meant when he said this one game doesn’t change his view becUse he has seen the last two years. I think the last 30 games have been ample evidence that Dak is NOT the guy. WTF was he thinking on the pick? But that doesn’t concern me as much as the continued lack of accuracy. Booger told it like it is last night

Indeed Dak is done. Even if you give him Pearson and Irving, nothing would change…

I never thought I would wish for a read option offense, but that is this offenses ONLY option with Dak at QB. With him at QB we have no option of a legitimate passing game and it is putting ALL of the pressure on Zeke and anyone who has watched more than a couple games knows it is very hard to run when 11 guys are keying the run.

At least running the read option will give us very little passing and TWO legitimate run options rather than having very little passing and only ONE legitimate run option.


My hopes have deteriorated as this season has unfolded. Pre season I HOPED we could compete for a championship.

Then I HOPED we could compete for a division title in a weak division.

Then I HOPED Dak would show improvement. Now we can’t even root to lose cause we traded for a number one receiver when we don’t even have a legitimate number two QB.

At this point the only thing we can HOPE for is that they suck convincingly enough that they finally clean house and Jerry and son bring in ANYONE ELSE to run the coaching, scouting and medical staffs. The only one s worth saving at this point are the D coaches.

Where is Quincy Carter when you need him?