Cowboys rookie WR Michael Gallup’s college coach has four words for Dak

M Collins hurt his foot again. Thank goodness for this…

Per the article:

Bobo: “Same thing I told my quarterbacks: Give him a chance. He can’t make the play if you throw the ball out of bounds. But if you throw him the ball, usually he’ll come down with it because he has good body control and strong hands.”

Gee, sounds just like Dez Bryant, and he got cut thanks to Dak’s inability to get him the ball. I guess someone on our coaching staff should have thought to tell Dak to throw it TO the receivers. No wonder every year is a struggle :wink:

I guess you didn’t see Dez short arming passes against Seattle? A game they needed to win to make the playoffs. He stands on the sidelines bitching, then punks out on a pass that hit him in his hands.

I’ve been a defender of Dez from the moment he was drafted. Through all the BS, all the contract stuff. I realize you don’t like the QB, he had issues just like most of the team. Fact is he didn’t do anything to help his situation either.

Funny you mention TO, because he was in denial too when he couldn’t beat one one coverage anymore and blamed the QB.

Just saying


Lol. I didn’t mention TO, actually. I was responding to what his coach said about our rookie. I was hoping to hear something like “this guy is hard to cover”, rather than “you should throw it to him even if he isn’t open” in retrospect maybe I read that the wrong way. Hopefully he is hard to cover AND you should throw it to him even when he is covered

I’m really liking what I read about Michael…talent, excited to be a Cowboy, humble and respectful.

He’ll be fine if they bring him along and don’t ruin him like Terrance Newman