Cowboys playing with fire waiting to make Martin highest-paid guard

I know some will argue, but I agree 100% with this…

I don’t. “He’s the best in the league, just pay him like it!” Is an accurate statement, but it leaves out a TON of nuances within the contract world.

The top guard contract in the league currently pays 13.3 mill per., 66.5 mill total value, with 30 mill guaranteed. To make Martin the highest paid, you could give him 20 mill per, 160 total value, with 100 guaranteed. OR you could give him 13.4 mill per, 67 mill total value, with 32 guaranteed. Both accomplish what those wanting a contract done NOW are claiming should be done, but one is reasonable, the other is ridiculous. Everyone in the contract room could agree that he’s the best OG in the league, but that doesn’t mean everyone in the room agrees on his worth.

And that’s breaking it down to very simple terms. The team (and every fan that has ever talked down or questioned any contract ever) also wants protection in case of injury or retirement. Martin and company want as much of the contract guaranteed as possible. Some of that can be through roster bonuses, some can be through games he’s active for, and some of it could be performance based (tough to do for OL, but terms can be agree upon I’m sure of it).

The team isn’t playing with fire at all with not having under contract yet, they are going about their business the same way any team not trying to desperately fill cap space to avoid fines does.

There is no threat to losing Martin, he will be signed, no need to rush it.