Cowboys mediocre play

The mediocre play calling and design of our offense is approved by The owner, The head coach and the offensive coordinator. To his detriment, Jerry Jones doesn’t see his impact on this team as the general manager of our cowboys. He has not won a playoff game since we beat the eagles in the wildcard game. I interrupt this as an absolute lack of desire to win and a full on greed to sell tickets. No care for the fans or players to truly win. A mediocre owner with no real desire to win is a true portrait of a team and organizations ability to dismiss this lack luster play and setteling for last in the division once again. As long as tickets sell and merchandise is bought, Jerry Jones really doesn’t care to win. I believe 18 years is long enough Jerry fire yourself and get a true gm with passion to win. Just a thought from a true cowboys fan. Im disappointed in our teams season and long term direction.

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Tonight again…