Cowboys chose Vander Esch over Earl Thomas and a different LB/WR combo

So, Broaddus is saying that if Connor Williams had not been on the board at 50 we would have traded that pick Thomas. Thank god the board turned out the way it did. I did not want to give a 2nd for him.



definitely agree with the way they laid it out. The draft went about as well as you can hope for matching up BPA and need. And we continue to get younger without giving up on being competitive


From what I am reading, the Cowboys loved Vea and he would have been the pick at 19 if available. Also read that what the Cowboys would have to give up was very reasonable. Thing is, I was a big time Vea fan and yet I’m still glad they didn’t chase him and the let the draft come to them.


I wanted Vea too. After he was picked I was staring at the tv with that WTF look

Yep, very glad that they let the draft come to them. It worked out very well in our favor.

I really wanted vea as well, but he went a lot earlier than I expected. I thought the skins would be the first threat to take him. I wouldn’t have wanted to move that much for him.

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