Cowboys 2018 Free Agency Thread

Just wanted to get this started so we have a spot for this.

So far, Anthony Hitchens is being reported as gone, with the Chiefs offering him $9-million a year to go to Kansas City.

Why is this thread still empty?! WHY?!?! :’(

haha Because it’s the day before FA? Losing Hitchens hurts, but was bound to happen.

C’mon Jess…You know we don’t play in FA. If we did the Cowboys would already have a locker with Earl Thomas’ name on it. Wait for the “bargain bin” players to be all that’s left and we will show up big time. lol

Just felt like that needed some emphasis added. haha

Here is a recent update on FA movement in the NFL East.

I’ve never once tried to defend the Cowboys’ recent FA signings. But that’s the strategy they’re going with. They need to improve at identifying veteran talent, & they need to keep drafting well. Their ability to do the latter gives me confidence they can figure out the former.

The FA strategy they use is to not be a part of free agency…yippy

Whelp. There goes Wilber. He’s off to OAK, and Gruden is officially pissing me off now.

He’s trying to recreate our special teams lol

And we’ve had such good special teamers the last several years. Let’s just hope Rich is trying to go with what he knows, and not the entire architect of the DAL ST unit’s success. Though, returns were never spectacular under Bisaccia.

We suck at FA…this franchise has many problems…and along with evaluating talent…being where we are right now will continue.

And that just makes me think of the 1995 season. Bringing in Sanders was the kind of move that won us the ‘95 SB and exactly the sort of thing the Jones’ refuse to do anymore. I get it, some; it’s risky, but the rewards possible are higher too.

Well another one signed…who cares if it is one of ours.

Marcus Mosher

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If the #Cowboys sign Allen Hurns, it all but guarantees that Dez Bryant will be released. Tread carefully.

Ugh, please no. I don’t care how much he has “matured”, I don’t want anything to do with him. His off the field issues aside, he just isn’t that great.

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