Cowboy Meetings with Players

Washington DT Vita Vea, one of the top players in the draft, visits Cowboys, Buccaneers, Washington, Chargers, Giants, Bengals, Broncos, Browns, according to a league source

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very glad they’re at least meeting with him, that means he’s at least not off the board for being a 1 tech. This is my dream pick at 19

Smith, Edmunds, James are picks I’d be ecstatic about too, but I’m pretty sure we have to trade from 19 to get them

I agree with all of this, and in this draft with how talented the middle of this draft is, I am not trading up if I am in the war room. We can get some really great value in the middle rounds this year. I would like to keep all of my picks.

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I could handle trading up for one of those 3 if it only cost us a 3rd or 4th

with 10 picks, and given our current roster, I can’t see all 10 making the team, nor them improving the team as much as one of those 3 could. however, I would not give up our 2nd, that’s another immediate impact player if we play it right

I’m fine with sticking at 19 though, as OL, S, and LB could really use some depth, and those mid rounds would work well providing that.