Cooper Gone to SF

The 49ers have signed OG Jonathan Cooper, who started for the #Cowboys in 2017. [via @CamInman]

Beat me to it.

Can’t say I’m surprised…I been reading a lot lately about moving La’el back to guard.

Right, as I mentioned on the RB topic, I disagree with that move. But it’s almost certain now.

Guess it looks like DAL is gonna move Collins back to LG and go after a tackle, either through FA or the draft. My question is, do they go after a LT or RT? Because Tyron Smith’s health is definitely cause for concern if he stays at LT. Good chance DAL was a playoff team in 2017 if he stayed healthy.

When folks read this I’m gonna catch holy hell but that’s what happens when you print stuff they don’t want to hear. But,…I had high hopes that Tyron would get with Lawrence and get his surgeons name and have surgery to restore that back. I’m not a doctor but I have had four back surgeries and this is what I was told by one of the top neurosurgeons in the State of TX. If a disc is herniated there is not a medical procedure known that will get the disc off the spine except for surgery. The gist of my comment is that w/o surgery Tyron is going to be a consistent member of the trainers table. IMO, we need a LT…play Tyron as long as he can go at RT. We also need a quality swing T. Believe me…Green is not the answer.

Whatever it is, he needs to take more action than mere rest to correct it, or he’s in for a very long and painful life. Don’t mess with the back.