**Contract signing?**

Prior to a large/huge contract agreements, I hope the Jones and coaches re-evaluates all film studies for fumbles, incomplete, completed, under thrown and overthrown passes. Our receiving crew did a spectacular job this season at catching the ball “when catchable”.
Lets ask all the Cowboy Nation, what and how were most of the percentage passes caught? Where they at the feet? Three feet behind? Three feet out of reach? How many were five yards or less and the receiver did the rest to get in end zone? How many times did we get to the red zone and come up short the last two seasons?
What is the answer? It definitely is not awarding 30-40 million dollar contracts to any player that cant make plays consistently. I do know it is not the coaches that scores the touch downs, executes the plays or celebrates in the end zones.
We all seem to forget the fundamentals (COMMON SENSE) that it takes to be a consistent achiever. We get wrapped up in the moment and want to respond before thinking.
How do we fix it? Stop being I PLAYERS and start being TEAM PLAYERS. LEAVE THE EGO AT HOME .
Americas team has a much greater need to fill in a lot of positions, we need the money.

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I disagree. Although I think ALL quarterbacks are over paid, the market is what it is. Dak has improved every year, especially this past season. He didn’t look bad until he got injured. He may not be Russell Wilson but his WR had A LOT of drops. Hopefully McCarthy and Moore can help him keep improving (I didn’t hear if they’re keeping Kitna) but what is the alternative anyway? I’m much more worried about our D than our Offense anyway.

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It makes financial sense to franchise him and gives management time to review next season’s performance. Dak has great stats but his performance on critical plays is barely average.


They’re moving on from Kitna, confirmed.

The last thing I read said that it was undecided but things are moving pretty fast so I’ll take your word for it. I hope it’s not a mistake. Dak really took a big leap this year at least until his shoulder was injured. I know Kitna had a lot to do with that. Hopefully McCarthy knows what he’s doing (which would seem to be the case at least as far as developing young QBs). But our Offense could turn into a mess if certain steps aren’t taken in the off season. Like I keep saying I’m more concerned with the Defense. I’d like to see us build a dominant D. I remember when I was young Too Tall said the Defense’s goal was to hold every team to 20 points or less. We did that in 8 games, going 5-3 in those games, which is unacceptable. The D played well at times & the Offense let them down. The Offense played well at times, & the D down let them down. If McCarthy can get the O to play consistently then we’ll definitely win more games. If Mike Nolan can get the D to flat out dominate early in the season, I believe it can have a snowball effect. I like what I’ve read about him believing in big, dominating type DTs, and I hope he believes we need some ball hawks in the Secondary. I think if we can accomplish these two things on our D, combined with the fine LBs we already have, then we can have a dominant Defense. The other thing I now have high expectations for is our Special Teams. To me it’s an extremely important part of a team. Why it hasn’t been stressed as such never made sense to me. Besides the P flipping the field during a game & pinning an opponent inside the 10 yard line, the K is crucial. The number of games I’ve seen won by K after the QB has moved a team down the field in the final minutes of a game is innumerable. I try not to get too excited about a new regime after being a diehard fan for over 50 years but there must be something in my DNA that prevents it & makes me pray that Jerry has finally had a G. Steinbrenner-like epiphany that if he wants another Super Bowl, he needs a HC who has done it & needs more control to accomplish it. I just hope this isn’t lipstick on a pig.

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I’m on the other side of that argument. Dak’s improvements only stopped with Kellen as his position coach, and it actually regressed under Kellen just like Cooper Rush and Mike White did. I liked Kitna. He was one of the few guys I wanted to stay on offense, but in trying to look at it more “big picture” I’m thinking Dak will be fine. Doug Nussmeier (TEs coach here last year) is the new QBs coach. Source: https://insidethestar.com/report-doug-nussmeier-to-stay-with-cowboys-as-qb-coach/

As for the defense, no argument there. You can’t win much if you’re having to score 35 points every game, and that’s where the defense makes its mark.

I think we both agree. I wanted Kitna to stay & really think it’s too small a sample size of Moore to say how good an OC he is. But I think McCarthy plans on having a big hand in the playbook and possibly play calling.

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Seems MM is handing the reigns to Moore in terms of playcalling

Regarding Prescott, stats wise he had a fine season, No one can argue with that, but when it comes down to big games is he a leader? Can he come up with the clutch plays? Think staff have seen enough of Dak to have an idea of wether or not he can be the QB for the foreseeable future. A tag at this stage is a bit unfair I think😥 they should pay him or let him walk. I don’t seem as worried as some about the D, yes it came up short in a couple of games but more concerning for me is Vander Esch injury, everyone seems to be saying it was a simple op and all is fine, but neck injuries are not great for a player’s future.

Sometimes has Prescott has it, sometimes he doesn’t. I want to say he did nicely leading the team at times, like when he would seemingly put an end to the never-run game plan that JG/KM gave him, but I just don’t know. Maybe it’s Dak himself who fully decides when he runs and when he doesn’t. Those plays fire the team up and I can’t imagine any NFL head coach not recognizing that, but maybe JG was really worried about him getting hurt? It’s a crap shoot.

The only thing I know for certain is that Dak Prescott is not the best quarterback in the league. An argument could be made for top 5 by many people, but it’s not a lock.

You know that Jerry is making the right statements when he said its got to be the right fit for the cowboys. I strongly feel Dak Prescott needs to go. Jerry let go get the bengals pick. Give them Dak and a 3rd round. then put Brady in the player coach role to groom this guy and he also could help with the offensive coordinator.
We need a kicker, and a stronger defense. JERRY you let Dak go and get bengals pick I wll bring you the best ever box of chocolate covered donuts from east tenn.

Dak Prescott has everything you want in a quarterback except the ability to throw the ball accurately. what’s worse is he knows he can’t threw the ball accurately so he doesn’t throw the ball unless the receiver is open by five yards. The only thing the other team has to do in order to stop Dak is to provide close coverage on the receivers.

I understand when quarterbacks throw bad balls under pressure, but I saw too many times last year when Dak had clear Lanes to throw in and his feet were clean and he missed the receiver by 5 yards. that has nothing to do with the play caller or the quarterbacks coach. This team will never win a championship with him as quarterback

I saw the same thing you did (and it was very frustrating), but I disagree on the assessment. What I see is a stunning lack of consistency. He’s made some nearly great throws, and blown a lot of easy ones. We see a different guy on every drop-back.

I saw too many drives that could have been touchdowns turned into field goals because Dak couldn’t hit the receiver in stride

Well here we go again needing to address issues and not setting a franchise tag on them.
I just do not understand why our team has lost so much respect for the uniform and more important for each other. There are no more players for kids to look up to. I am about ready to throw in the towel after 47 years. Our chosen leaders are the wrong kind of leaders.