BREAKING: Chaz Green Wanted for Murder

Never had 'em. Allsups hasn’t been big around Dallas for 40 years (based on what I’ve heard)

Yeah, they are more of a small town thing now. Out here in the Lubbock area there are still tons of them. None in Lubbock, but all around the surrounding area.

Yeah, last saw one heading down toward Kerrville.

First I was like…:open_mouth::dizzy_face::astonished:WTH!!! Then I was like :smile: : :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Poor baby he feels bad

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(Insert slow clap here) for Jess and his jokes.

Got me.

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Really Chaz? Right their you should have known it was not true. Anybody he would try to kill could just run away from him and he couldn’t stop them.


LOL. KABURN!!! Or they could just put one of their hands on the ground and become invisible …