Bad day for defense

Not sure why we couldn’t stop Mack. 1st time defense didn’t show up in a quite a while.
As far as offense, the moment I heard Zack was out I knew we were toast. With Dak at helm you need to have a top tier o-line to buy lots if time. He still holds on too long and misses throws other QBs routinely nail. I can’t believe someone ever thought he didn’t need a real QB coach.

Bottom line, execution failed horrifically due to makeshift banged up o-line.

Even if the skins and beagles give us the title we will be one and done without Zack Martin and a defense playing lights out.

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ANY good QB should be putting up monster numbers with AMARI when Zeke averages 5 YPC… ANY AVERAGE QB should be able to hit deep throws at least 1 out of three times. This team is two years from a championship due to the QB position unless we can get Brady or Rodgers. We had the Qb position locked up for a decade, but couldn’t put together a team around him. NOW we have a great team to support the QB but we have no QB.

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Them days are over!!! ELITE DOOMSDAY2.0