Are We Good at RB?

Nobody seems to be shedding tears for Alfred Morris likely leaving. Is everyone happy with Zeke and Rod as RB1/RB2, or do you think we should be looking for someone to push for that backup spot? If nothing else, what do you want to see from RB3?

TBH I don’t want to see anything from RB3. Zeke should be working hard, with Rod coming in when he needs a breather. Zeke is one of those guys where knowing what he’s going to do still means you gotta stop him, so you use that for your ground attack.

We do need a developmental RB tho. Maybe use one of those 4ths on it.

Alf sucked here. He’s a good RB, but we (coaches) let the game plan get in his way too often. The more shaken our offense was, from injuries and suspensions, the better he did, it seemed.

Zeke as the #1, Rod as the #3…use a 4th for a #2

I could get behind that, @Math_Nerd_3_14

I don’t want no RB other than a PS guy to be on stand-by. Smith will be back, just watch.

What kind of RB do you want as the #2?

Don’t you start goober…I’m a Morris fan and best I can remember he is a team friendly contract that will extend with a like contract.

Good to see dooms and math here

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I would like to see the Cowboys bring in a mid-round RB and another undrafted one to compete with Rod Smith for the RB2 duties. Zeke will no doubt handle the bulk of the work load, but the Cowboy still need depth at the position.

Hopefully Jerral and Garrett learned their lesson last season. Depth IMO cost us a shot for the playoffs. Everybody loves Tyron and Sean but not having quality depth for those two cost us. Of course Bryants drops and Prescott’s accuracy didn’t help. It took Coop a game or two to settle in but I thought he did OK after he played a few games.

Cooper only allowed 6 pressures in his final 6 games…pretty good

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I’m actually a fan of Jonathan Cooper. I mean, we’ve got several all-stars on that line, but we can’t afford to make the whole line like that. Cooper seemed to do well after week 2, except when Tyron was out, so the bigger issue to me is LT.

You were saying? haha

Quit picking on me…lol Me and Jerral didn’t think anyone would sign him.

We wanted to keep him, that’s reason enough for anyone else to sign him.



I’m here now so we can get this thing started


Late round RB for depth only.

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yep, wouldn’t take one before the 4th.