Are the Cowboys to be Better in 2018

Yes, they will be smarter, younger, hungrier, healthier, more talented and have Zek for 16 regular season games.

I think they will be better if Tyron is healthy all year. The consistency in play when he’s right is a huge determining factor for this team.

The defense is trending upward, especially if they can get LB figured out and another year for Dak to grow should help his progression.

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Tyron’s health is what killed us last year

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T Smith says his back is 100% and has never felt better.

nevermind the man (who happens to be his and/or the team’s publicist) that appears to have his hand up Smith’s butt…

we saw Romo saying the same things right up to the day he retired

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Doesn’t sound like a fun job. Do you have to go to school for a job like that or is it a hands on/up learning experience?

Speaking of up a butt, this Friday I go for a colonoscopy.

Romo could’ve been right. His injuries were always “impact injuries” and not chronic (the back is a big place). Plus, he has a life in the Dallas area and may not have wanted to uproot his family to try for another year or two with another team. There’s more than jsut football in these guy’s lives.

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I think Tony still wanted to play. When Garrett denied him the ability to at least compete with Prescott he saw the handwriting on the wall. My problem is why Jerral allowed the lack of competition. Truth is, I believe Romo would have won the competition with the back, one leg and two broke arms. JMO

We’ll see. I’m always a bit wary of the “never felt better” claims. I really hope its true. That dude is a huge key to our success.

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fair enough, still take it with a grain of salt until we see it during the season

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Absolutely! It’s the back, which is often a chronic issue, so I need to see it to believe it with Smith.

That said, I feel a lot better about Flemming having to take snaps at tackle than Chaz.

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This is a pretty easy question to answer. If Dak is better they WILL BE better. If Dak is the same (Mediocre) then it will be up to the rest of the team to play better or we WILL NOT be better. If Dak gets even worse the team is doomed to mediocrity.

Our new secondary gives me hope for the future. Hopefully they can fill the rest of the defensive holes in the draft and the defense will be good enough to compensate for a below average QB if that is how Dak rolls this year.

Tony is DEFINITELY the better thrower. He is definitely the smarter player (at least for now) I am sure TR wanted to play when he saw Zeke destroying the league. IMO they should have let Romo play the last two games of '16 and if he looked good enough and survived it, they should have let him start in the playoffs. This was just plain stupid. NO rookie QB has ever even started in a Super Bowl, much less won one. I think it was stupid all the way around. The ONLY valid reason to start Dak over Tony was the winning streak. Once that was broken Romo should have been placed back at #1. As I said then “I will bitch about that decision until Dak wins a super bowl in 17 or 18.” The ship sailed on that. STUPID STUPID STUPID…